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Kitbash Project Whisperwind by Twilightbourne Kitbash Project Whisperwind :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 1 0 Cheetor's New Girlfriend 2 by Twilightbourne Cheetor's New Girlfriend 2 :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 0 Cheetor's New Girlfriend by Twilightbourne Cheetor's New Girlfriend :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 4 0
Ampere Chapter 3.1
Chapter 3
Thankfully, Sam was able to get a pair of sweatpants from the gift shop on the first floor and Max didn't have to suffer too much embarrassment. Checking out, however, was a slow and painful process that grew steadily worse with each passing moment.  Namely because Max was finally starting to feel both hungry and tired and his mood was starting to sour.  Finally, he was done and more than eager to get out of there and get something to eat.
“Remind me again why we're not eating at the hospital cafeteria again?” Max, looked over to Sam expectantly as they trudged toward Sam's old VW van.  
Sam shrugged briefly, “Because, they're not gonna serve you what you need in the quantities you need, they only serve “balanced” meals there bro.. and besides.” He grinned suddenly, “I know a place.. well a couple of places, that aren't that bad and cater to those with.. ah.. large appetites.”
Max arched a brow at him as he climbe
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Ampere Chapter 2.1
Chapter 2
After what seemed like an endless barrage of poking and prodding by various doctors, nurses, and questions from police officers, Max finally had a break while waiting for results.  He groaned in annoyance at the TV, turning it off in disgust after hearing the news report of the incident when he heard a knock on the door. “Come in.” he rasped out, his throat still feeling sore and ragged from the day's earlier excitement.
“Geeze Max, you sound terrible!” The large, reptilian looking man grinned at Max as he said this, a worn duffel bag hanging over his shoulder.  Max couldn't help but grin as his old friend Sam lumbered into the room. “I feel terrible too...” he then gestured to the TV, “.. did you catch the news report?”
Sam chuckled lightly, nodding as he grabbed a chair. “Well if you cut your hair and grew a beard, they wouldn't mistake you as a girl.” He grinned, “Speaking of.. I'd say you gained a
:icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 0 0
Ampere Chapter 1.1
Chapter 1
Despite the efforts of the aging window mounted fans, and the constant influx of New Silver City's dingy air that wafted through the other windows, nothing seemed to clear or cover the stench of hot solder and burnt plastic that permeated Max's cluttered workshop.  Satisfied with his current wiring scheme, Max flipped a switch to open up the sky lights and turned the fan around to blow the air in and up this time.
With this accomplished, he studied the massive room a moment, faintly recalling its history.  At one time, it was cleared out of rooms and obstructions to be converted into a sort of rooftop ballroom.  Sadly, the dream died with Max's uncle and foster father, Jason Kendall.  Since then, it had previously been used for storage by his aunt for bits of odds and ends, and as a playroom for him when he was little.  Now it was his workshop, and place of refuge from the world below.
He smiled and moved his current project under one of the open skyl
:icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 0
Fallout Latex gear front View by Twilightbourne Fallout Latex gear front View :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 0 5
Valkyrie Run
Valkyrie Run
Chapter 1
Ren sailed through the air as she gave the security cameras a show.  One. Two. Three. Flash and spin! She thought as she worked through the movements, kicking off a flair of sparks with her Grav Boots before dropping straight down to the ally where the cameras couldn't see her.  Ren took pride in knowing LV 9's blind spots and security loopholes not to mention staying one step ahead of the Station Keeper.  She then quickly and quietly skirted through the dark alley before stopping to answer a call on her communicator.
“Simon!” Ren's boss, Jim, bellowed though the speaker.  “Where the frag are you?  No.. don't answer that.  Are you anywhere near S1 and Main?”  He asked impatiently.
'Simon' grimaced as he pulled down his face mask to answer more clearly.  “I'm not far, should be able to reach it in five at most.  Whats the job, Jim?”  He replied as he started to chan
:icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 11
Warrior Princess
Chapter 1
Alex held back his grimace as he worked his way through the crowd.  Well over 500 sweaty moving people in an enclosed space made for an unholy stink one could hardly believe.  Still it was a small price to pay to get into the doors of FantasyCon.  Soon he would get used to the reek and be able to truly enjoy the event.  He had been waiting years for this moment, and worked hard on perfecting his  magical girl cosplay.  While he would never openly admit to wanting to be a girl back home, Cons like this were one of the few places he could be herself.  Or at least, somewhat close to the girl she wanted to be.
As it was, she was particularly proud of this cosplay.  While it wasn't meant to be any specific magical girl character, it did get the idea across.  She chose blue and white for this outfit, with hints of pink here and there.  The skirt was knee length, covered in ruffles and ribbons, while the matching top was a long sleev
:icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 3
Devastator Fighting by Twilightbourne Devastator Fighting :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 0 Devastator Scale by Twilightbourne Devastator Scale :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 4 0
What I want
What I want.
I don't want anything special.
I want someone to love me, for who I am.
Someone to hold me when I'm down.
Someone who sees past my failures in life.
A person willing to support my endeavors.
A person doesn't simply exist to criticize my decisions.
I don't want someone who's life revolves entirely around me.
I want someone to tell me stories about their day.
Someone who has friends I can meet.  (I don't have to like them.)
Someone who knows what they want, without my approval.
A person who understands when I need my solitude.
A person who doesn't shut down when we disagree.
I don't want things. (Although things are nice.)
I want Love.
Someone who provides Acceptance.
Someone who gives Support.
A person who has Stability.
A Person.
I don't want to hear my family's bigoted opinions.
I cannot follow their broken compass.
I am tired of their nagging.
I am sick of them pointing out all the flaws.
Who can't give me a clear path to appease them.
Who's dir
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Thirst by Twilightbourne Thirst :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 3 2 0031Mantisflower by Twilightbourne 0031Mantisflower :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 0 Mantis flower by Twilightbourne Mantis flower :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 2 0 Army skull by Twilightbourne Army skull :icontwilightbourne:Twilightbourne 0 0


GLaDOS by cutesexyrobutts GLaDOS :iconcutesexyrobutts:cutesexyrobutts 371 29 Think About Me by Mad-projectNSFW
Mature content
Think About Me :iconmad-projectnsfw:Mad-projectNSFW 117 15
Transformers - Megaempress (Patron Reward) by synth-brave Transformers - Megaempress (Patron Reward) :iconsynth-brave:synth-brave 91 9 OC MM Series - Eve Akaki Armed by HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN OC MM Series - Eve Akaki Armed :iconhosen-hosen-hocen:HOSEN-HOSEN-HOCEN 88 3 [Exp.] Voodoo Sandra by McTranceFox [Exp.] Voodoo Sandra :iconmctrancefox:McTranceFox 653 103 Comm work 18 (Ely True Form) by xxNIKICHENxx Comm work 18 (Ely True Form) :iconxxnikichenxx:xxNIKICHENxx 895 24 Sandimas 2017 by hybridmink Sandimas 2017 :iconhybridmink:hybridmink 243 48 Nightrun by LexiKimble Nightrun :iconlexikimble:LexiKimble 96 9 Demon Girl by DKDevil Demon Girl :icondkdevil:DKDevil 88 16 Shark Infested Waters by Shnider Shark Infested Waters :iconshnider:Shnider 1,051 110 School is Hell or is that Hell is School -colored- by DPRagan School is Hell or is that Hell is School -colored- :icondpragan:DPRagan 90 68 Sandra 03. (Tzimisce) by MalkyTea Sandra 03. (Tzimisce) :iconmalkytea:MalkyTea 21 3 Party Partner by 12-tf Party Partner :icon12-tf:12-tf 195 41 YCH Collab with Elvofirida for jl2154 by McTranceFox YCH Collab with Elvofirida for jl2154 :iconmctrancefox:McTranceFox 1,290 115 Com: Shazette by freelancemanga Com: Shazette :iconfreelancemanga:freelancemanga 480 14 Pick Your Poison by vashperado Pick Your Poison :iconvashperado:vashperado 3,558 77


Kitbash Project Whisperwind
Something of a new OC transformer I've been thinking about... decided to make her via kitbashing two extra figures I had (the donors are the two flanking her) and using a headmaster I liked from another body (that I didn't like)  I may paint her at some point.. if only the inside of the canopy to hide the hole inside her chest.  If I find a better gun I may use that instead as well.

Name:  Alex Matthews AKA Whisperwind
Species: Enhanced Human (Cyborg bonded to non-sentient Transector)
Classification: Headmaster
Role: Scout/explorer
Alt-mode: Small Starfighter/Scout Ship
Strengths: Speed, Space travel capable, Hazardous environment resistance
Weaknesses: Low firepower, light armor, hybrid biology
Cheetor's New Girlfriend
Got bored, decided Cheetor needed a Girlfriend.  That is the new masterpiece Cheetor and LER-05 Comera from Fansprojects's Lost Exo Realm (Dinobots) line of toys.  Yes, I also have her sister.



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So its finally here.  The return of the headmaster gimmick.  And I must say, in general?  I'm impressed.  There are relatively few weak points in the line as a whole.  That said there are a few problems I want to point out before I go any further.

The first flaws go to Galvatron.  While he is still a very good toy in a lot of ways, one of his major failings is the lack of paint on his titan master head.. and absolutely shitty mask gimmick that forms his 'crown.'  It never sits flush, the mask itself will only rotate a small distance (I'm not convinced it is meant to rotate at all), and it absolutely fails to work at all with almost all the titan master heads.  That said, a little paint goes a long way to make this figure great, but even not using the mask at all and just going with the grey head can be a big plus over using the crappy mask.  I know there are a few folks who have modified the mask and glued it to the head master.. but doing so kills the headmaster gimmick... which is a no go for me.  Why it wasn't handled like the optimus prime and blaster heads.. I am uncertain.  Which brings me to the next flaw.  (No I do not see Galvatron's R-wing style Alt mode a 'flaw.'  It's a space craft.  Aerodynamics means very little to a craft that doesn't need an airfoil.  At least to doesn't look like a robot with a plane grafted to its back.)

The line prides itself on having heads that will work with EVERY titan master body.  While true mechanically, there are a handful of sticking points visually.  Namely its Twincast (blaster), Apex (Optimus Prime), and Nucleon (Galvatron).  These three sets have a key difference that sets them apart from say.. Blurr and Hyperfire.  The size of the face sculpt on the head.  While it looks good on those three, and you can switch the heads between the three and it still works, if you put these heads on the other bodies or the other heads on the larger bodies the problem becomes apparent.  The face sculpt makes their heads look far too large on smaller figures, and the other heads look far too small on the bigger ones.  While this is less of an issue on Optimus prime, with his helmet obstructing all but the eyes, on galvatron and blaster.. its.. fairly obvious.

Oh.. and Nightbeat... seriously.. he looks like he smelled something nasty or stubbed his toe... and his vehicle thing is really meh.

Outside of that, each toy of the line is filled with extra play-ability.  From tiny titan master pegs, to weapons that can be removed and 'manned' by the titan masters.  Both lead figures sport a base mode which also can connect to Fortress Maximus's ramps in his base and ship modes.  This is one of the few lines where each additional figure adds additional play value on such an exceptional scale.  And before I forget, rewind and stripes, both legends class figures have a data slug mode that works with blaster, as does the previous line's Buzzsaw figure.  Which is a neat little thing they did.  Wheelie can go frag himself tho.  I have no desire to ever own a wheelie figure.

A final note, if you always entertained that idea that combiners should look bigger than the sum of their parts.. putting them next to this line's base mode figures really sells that imagery.

On a whole I give the starting line a 9/10.  Some minor issues, yes, but the good far outweighs the bad.
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